A step by step guide to our Hot Tub removal service…

Please use this guide to ensure you fully understand the way we remove Hot Tubs safely from your property. The guide is in place to better equip us and you in safely removing your Spa/Hot Tub, and to ensure you understand the works involved in removing a Spa fully from your property.

We dont like any grey areas so please also use our email address or call to further discuss access queries!

Hot Tub Ready

We like the Hot Tub to be drained, ready for removal (unless otherwise agreed)


We can disconnect the power from the PCB in the Tub but should the cable run through the Hot Tub, then in some cases we might disconnect and cut the cable. Should you wish to keep the entire length then please remove the cable prior to our collection

Hot Tub Attached To Trolley

We will then attach our trolley to the Hot Tub and up-end it by use of manual lift or air bag (please make sure 13amp power supply available for this). The Hot Tub can be rolled into a better position, should the lift not be appropriate in the exact spot. Please make sure you have the length and width of the Spa plus 4ft approx for this (for the wheels and to ensure manoeuvrability )

Clear Through Way

Please ensure all objects are removed from the path of exit. We can go across multi terrains with our Trolley with large wheels, but please apply common sense. From plant pots, to wheelbarrows, to a motorbike which is in our route of exit, all has to be removed prior to our arrival. Map out the route as you would walk with a 10ft long wheelbarrow full of stone for example. It is not our job to clear the route!

Height And Width Restrictions

Measure and measure again the Hot Tub height and width, this is the clearance we require. Also take into consideration the trolley and wrap will add another 10″ approx to this. If in any doubt or ‘its going to be close’ then please inform us with images prior to any formal arrangement to collect.

Pipes, Guttering and Overhangs

Please double check the route for gas pipes, guttering, overhanging roofs, plant hanging brackets, outside taps or anything which may be on the route. When mapping out the exit route, it is easy to overlook these objects or obstacles which can potentially prevent us from removing the Hot Tub safely.

Clear Through Way

Its not uncommon for some houses (usually natural stone), to have unlevel walls/openings etc. Please ensure the gap in the middle where you would naturally measure, is the same as the gap at the top and bottom. Be aware…

Loading On The Van

Once we are out of the property, the Hot Tub is then loaded on our Van and taken away, never to be seen again. Either Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer can be arranged at this point, before we head off in the sunset, with your old Hot Tub!

There Maybe Other Options…

This slideshow is designed to explain how we typically and manually remove Hot Tubs. That is not to say there isn’t any other option of getting the Hot Tub out. Steps can be negotiated, ramps can be used, mobile lifting machinery and cranes can be used as well as many other tools for the task in hand!! We just need to know all the details to accurately make you an offer…call us to discuss in more detail.

Do you have a Question…?
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