How do we remove Hot Tubs?
Please see our guide to removing Hot Tubs... the right way!
This guide is so you can ensure its manually removable to the best of your knowledge. We understand if you have never removed a Hot Tub, you may not know how! This guide is to highlight the obstacles and potential issues we may encounter, using our experience. If you are unsure, then please state to us you are unsure and we can discuss options with you, by using picture message, google earth and description.
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Clear Through Way

Please ensure all objects are removed from the path of exit. We can go across multi terrains with our Trolley with large wheels, but please apply common sense. From plant pots, to wheelbarrows, to a motorbike which is in our route of exit, all has to be removed prior to our arrival. Map out the route as you would walk with a 10ft long wheelbarrow full of stone for example. It is not our job to clear the route!