How do we remove Hot Tubs?
Please see our guide to removing Hot Tubs... the right way!
This guide is so you can ensure its manually removable to the best of your knowledge. We understand if you have never removed a Hot Tub, you may not know how! This guide is to highlight the obstacles and potential issues we may encounter, using our experience. If you are unsure, then please state to us you are unsure and we can discuss options with you, by using picture message, google earth and description.
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There Maybe Other Options…

This slideshow is designed to explain how we typically and manually remove Hot Tubs. That is not to say there isn’t any other option of getting the Hot Tub out. Steps can be negotiated, ramps can be used, mobile lifting machinery and cranes can be used as well as many other tools for the task in hand!! We just need to know all the details to accurately make you an offer…call us to discuss in more detail.