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Do I Sell or Fix My Hot Tub?

Are you unsure to what to do with your Hot Tub?
Does it require cosmetic works to bring back to an attractive standard?
Does it need parts replacing to be able to use the Hot Tub again?

Are you using your Hot Tub less frequently?

Below, we have listed an approx guide to assist in approximately costing the works for your Hot Tub…

These costings are approximate and based on UK Hot Tub Sales and Servicing companies. These are not quoted prices.

Like many electrical components etc, technology develops which can result in current operating kit becoming out dated. This in turn can result in a failed part requiring more than just the part that has failed.


Hot Tub Cover/Lid £399.99 – £1500.00
New Single Speed Pump £299.99 – £460.00
New Twin Speed Pump £299.99 – £599.99
New Topside Controller/Keypad £99.99 – £499.99
New PCB £149.99 – £699.99
New Heater £99.99 – £399.99
New Filter (each) £20.00 – £140.00
New Pillows/Headrests (each) £25.00 – £90.00
Small Jets (each) £7.99 – £16.99
Medium Jets (each) £10.99 – £24.99
Large Jets (each) £16.99 – £39.99
Volcano Jets (power jets) £21.99 – £49.99
Ozonator £90.00 – £160.00
Air Blower £149.99 – £299.99
Coverlift System £169.99 – £299.99


Engineer Call Out £50.00 – 100.00
Engineer Labour Rate (p/hour)£45.00 – £60.00
Full Service Costing £180.00 – £500.00
Tub Relocation £150.00 – £1000.00+

There are other options….

We can also offer additional services such as our part exchange service. Please contact for more information…


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